anyone running a 120/100x18

I changed my rear tire the other day, Dunlop 739 desert AT, and man is the new tire a lot taller than the old stock dunlop. Anyone noticed that there steering charteristics changing a lot sense the rear end is higher now????

Yep, a bit less stable especially in sand. But it turns nice.

Does putting a taller rear tire on make the steering feel more stable or less stable. :D

Yes, the original was a 110/100-18, meaning 110 mm wide, sidewall is 100% of the width. When you replaced it with the 120/100, you not only got wider, but being as the second number is still 100, this means the sidewall is 100% of the width. If you wanted a wider tire, but not taller, you should of used the 120/90-18, just gotten wider, not taller. This will change your gearing. You will feel it, especially if you have been used to one thing already.

I run a 120/100 in a Kenda Carlsbad and love it. Granted I ride mountain single track and the taller and wider tire is working out well for me. I just bought another 120/100 in the same brand and make and will not be running the smaller tire again.

Does putting a taller rear tire on make the steering feel more stable or less stable. :D

Less- rear raises, fork rake (angle) decreases, as does trail. Bike turns better but twitchier at speed.

Put a 120/100X18 on mine this year. Pirelli MT18. Love it. I didnt notice any difference in the steering or tracking of the rear end, but I also tuned my suspension so the bike rode way better this year from the suspension alone. Its a harder tire, so it does slip a bit more in the sand, but I was expecting that.

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