Look at what the Honda guys are having to deal with in their forum.

Wow, you guys are hilarious. Even though I asked the exact same question as posed by a yamaha rider, I have apparently struck a nerve. And, I have been called a moron. Awesome. I'm going to go adjust my valves now.

Nope, the blue plastic will still turn white should the operator occasionally find himself behind someone on a track getting pelted by rocks. Thankfully it's not very often its a Honda since they only make a lap or two before puking thier engine out.

Good luck with your 06 reliability Honda-dude. Remember to pay down your Honda card so you can rebuild your engine in June.

You guys are hilarious, and may be taking this a little too seriously. :D

Having owned a Yamaha, and now owning a Honda, I can think of a list of things I had to fix to make the YZF, I blew a clutch basket, then a main bearing sent ball-bearings through the tranny, twice. Because of the great design the Yamie group came up with, a brass bushing in the clutch basket instead of an actual bearing. Sure, it wasnt valves that went, but how about the two gas tanks that broke, or the horrible brakes and crappy suspension.

OK, now onto the red bike, I did have valve trouble, once, and that was about 75 hrs ago, my rear brake has been a constant problem, clutch went out(inner hub), spokes loosen up regurlarly, had to re-jet it, my seat foam needs replacing, CB seal and bearings replaced. Stripped the oil drain bolt.

Pick your problems guys, each model has them. Race them and ride hard things break, but for shits sake, some of you need to switch to decaf :D

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