Satch, whatabout your resto update?

When are we going to see photos of your '82 YZ250 resto? :D

go to then got to the vintage forum. He has come along ways

go to then got to the vintage forum. He has come along ways

Thanks macho, I found some pics but from February. Perhaps he likes to post a sample with update here too :D

The 82 is alive and running. HOWEVER I still have work to do. Just got the swingarm back today ....had to have the old bearings pressed out and the new ones pressed in. I will finish building the rear of the bike this weekend and then it is just small brackets, cables and button it up! I want to have it at the GMB whether it is race worthy or not. I have actually got it running and installed the throttle, carb, pipe, grips, etc since the last pic was taken.

Here is how it looked when the bike was so graciously given to me (what the heck was I thinking?!?!?!?!!)


Here it is now...soon to be finished


a close up ...with airbox lid on, side panels actually bolted on, carb and pipe on, all hoses etc done.

And a link to some of the project pictures 82YZ250 Resto pics


Thanks Satch. Looks frigging cool and brings back nice memories. You've done a great job.

my goal still is to get it ready to race the vintage class at the GMB in October....but I got get a little time on it first. Also.....I edited my previous post and added a link to more pics of the resto.

Thanks for the :D

Lookin good :D:D

I am impressed, it must be rewarding to see a project turn out so nice. :D Good job Satch. :D:D

Looks great Satch. :D

I restored my Dad's old '83 YZ250 and was surprised to see just how much stuff is available to bring these old dogs back to life. Sure makes it easier.

How'd you get the gas tank cleaned up? I don't want to put the tank decals on the '83 till I can find a way to get the oil stains out. I see yours was even weathered and you got it looking damn nice.

I didn't go as far as you did with the fork tubes and the swing arm, but looking at how nice yours turned out I may go back and do some more work. I can't get my Dad to pony up for some new rims either and his are kinda done. But hey, it looks pretty nice for a 22 year old bike. Just not quite as nice as yours.

Did you get your fenders from Yamaha or Maier? I bought Yammy fenders and they turned out to only be a few dollars more when I was restoring his bike a couple years ago, were they still available? I had to do the Maier side plates and was a little bummed with the fit. I saw NOS ones on Ebay, but didn't want to spend as much as they were bid up to(@$250).

What vintage class can you run the '82 in? The '83 has to run with all the mid to late eighties bikes and I don't imagine it will keep up very well. :D

The 82 will be run in the EVO class. (watercooled)

I bought Yamaha fenders and Maier side panels. As far as the tank goes I used 400/800/1000/2000 sand paper to work it down and then buffed it with automotive rubbing compound. It is a lot of work but I wanted the bike to look new.

I did the buffing to get the scratches out, and yeah, it's a ton of work, but it didn't do anything for the oil staining. I've been wondering if there is a way to bleach it out, but haven't been brave enough to try soaking it in bleach or anything like that. Not sure what might go wrong, if anything. Oh well, some day I'll play with it some more.

Yours really looks great so far, I love seeing the old bikes brought back to their former glory. Next up for me will be my old '79 YZ80, then I'll be tackling my Dad's '75 and '77 Bultaco's, that should be fun. :D

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