Ive seen some heavy debates on here regarding chains etc. Do any of you use the Sidewinder stuff? I bought a set a long time ago and I see they are still around with some nice new products. I still have the stock set on my 99YZ400, and I see Ill be changing it real soon. I had good luck with them back then, and I wondered if any of you have any opinions on them - :D or whats the best set. Thanks!

I use the "stealth sprocket" from them but the Rest of there stuff is overpriced big time!!

i use the tri-metal and the ti chain,the chain is not stretching at all (which is more than i could say for the D.I.D. or regina o-rings i've tried. the sprocket shows no wear after 4 hard rides,and its a way smoother feel than the ironman i was running(which had a real hard tinny feel when on and off the throttle) yes they are over priced,but when reliability is an issue as in HS or GNCC racing,or being out in the woods 40 miles then its worth it. the masterlink on the ti chain looks bulletproof as well as the rest of it. :D

I see they are pricey, but if theyre that good, maybe Ill get a set. Did you buy the whole set including the front? How much did the whole thing set you back?

i forget exactly,it was somewhere over $200 for the chain and rear sprocket. i run renthal front's :D

i forget exactly,it was somewhere over $200 for the chain and rear sprocket. i run renthal front's :D

Does Sidewinder make counter sprockets? Why use Renthal? Just curious.

Nothing can top Ironman for sprockets, and regina makes an awesome chain.

If you want economy AND bulletproof, stay way from aluminum sprockets. Go with a DID X-RING from and a set of steel sprockets from Sun or or anybody else (you can get rear sprockets for about $25 and fronts for about $15. I've been running the same set for about 4 years on my '99 and they are still in great shape.

I have sidewinder setup on my YZ and my WR and Have only adjusted the chain one time this year on my YZ.

I am pleased with them. They helped me with my gearing questions for my WR and made sure to send me the correct amount of links.

Dont know about you, but nothing pisses me off like getting a new chain only to find that its 5 links too long and I have to remove them. I dont have the proper tools to do it and it can be a ^%$*&^ when you have to do it the old way.

I have a set of Sidewinders on my 450. There is about 40 hours on them right now, and literally NO sign of wear at all.

Nothing can top Ironman for sprockets, and regina makes an awesome chain.

the machining/cutting on the 2 ironman sprockets i've had was so bad i had to send the 1st one back(i was afraid it would eat up my chain) they gratiously supplied another right away. it was better but still very rough in the grooves and teeth. i had no more time to wait so i threw it on with a new front and new regina o-ring(the good copper and gold one) the feedback from the sprocket through the drivetrain was unsettling to say the least. it felt as though it could actually do some damage,so off it came! it did not wear in the 3 rides i had on it,but that regina chain needed tightening every ride(sometimes during the ride) and yes it was properly adjusted,and lubricated.(1 3/4-2" slop at end of chain slide/liberal use of honda HP teflon chain lube,with no pressure washing) it was the same with the DID(with a sunstar). i go 280-90 lbs and ride B class,the sidewinder "ti" chain is the only one that has not needed constant adjustment. the fit and finish of the sprocket is what one might expect for that money;perfect. and i believe the aluminum frame cushions the harshness of the tool steel teeth. i use renthal fronts because they have the cleanout grooves and seem to last the longest for me :D

I have used and would highly recommend spending the extra $$ on Sidewinder sprockets, they last longer than Ironman sprockets which I decided to try this year. Pass on non "O" ring chains and the aluminum sprockets, if you are looking for longevity. I used an RK "O" ring chain with the Sidewinder sprockets on my KTM and got three years of riding out of that set. Buy a good DID or RK "O" or "X" ring chain and the Sidewinder sprockets and two or three years later you'll be happy you did because you will be still be using the same chain and sprockets.

A full set, Front - Rear - And chain (10,000lbs tensile strength!) will set you back $309.97 (before shipping). Yes, pricey.. but its one of those things where you get what you pay for. You can either pay the 300 + bux up front, one time. Or... pay it over the course of a couple years by replacing chains and sprockets multiple times with weaker sets and probably spend more than the $300.

I went ahead and bought them! -Very nice stuff!

I went ahead and bought them! -Very nice stuff!


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