Dunlop 952/Maxxis IT

Does anybody have any input on the 952, or the Maxxis IT. I mean I have heard raves about the IT, and I am still running the stock 739's on my 426. My cousin rides an XR650r and we have been trying to figure out which one is a better tire. I am sure they both great tires, but I am just looking for input on hookup, and overall life expectancy. He burns through a new tire every time the throttle is twisted.

I have been running the IT this summer and it seems to be holding up quite well. At first I thought it was going to wear out real quick because the back side of the nobbs rounded off after the first ride. However, after 7 good rides the tires look exactly the same. I would buy another set without question. has them pretty cheap. I think my 110/100 18 was only $44. :D

I love the Maxxis IT's. Best wear to grip ratio of any tire I've tried.

My XR600 (plated) already had a Maxxis IT on the back when I got it. It is holding up better than the Dunlop D606 on the XL600 has. It is rather stiff and a pain to install, but I got a nail and had to ride home on the street. It let me putt along at 25-30mph. I'll consider another Maxxis when the one one there eventually wears out.

I just yanked the It off my 650r, ran it till the knobs started ripping off.

Great tire when new, didn't last that long, but what tire does??

The only thing I didn't like about it was the weight. Real heavy tire..had to adjust my suspension stiffer to handle the extra unsprung weight.

The weight difference between the two is five pounds. Does anyone think that extra five pounds will effect performance in any other way besides adjusting the rear spring?

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