does 01'426 have heavier flywheel than yz??

i just put an 01'WR426 motor in my 99' YZ400, and i was wondering if it is common to put a flywheel weight on the WR as so many do for the YZ's. and man from reading some posts, starting this thing is going to be quite a bear.(myYZ400 had 450 cam) :D:D:D

Yes, the flywheel is heavier on a WR than on a YZ.

The wr flywheel is bigger....I don't know if there is room under the cover for a weight. Let me know if you find out.


well i have a weight on my flywheel from my YZ400, and the weight is on the inside. so i am sure it would fit. are you saying that it could use a little heavier flywheel. that really is what i am asking, does the WR426 need a flywheel weight. is this a common mod??????

I wouldn't. The stock WR's flywheel is heavy enough.

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