Loop hole to get bikes street legal in CA

I have been doing some research and this is what I have found.

The laws have not changed to ban dual sporting bikes. The only thing that has changed is the DMV sent out a memo telling their employees that they have to check for a California Air Resources Board emmision sticker on bikes before they can be street legal in california. That rule about the emmisions sticker has alsways been on the books, they just started paying attention to it. The best thing to do is to go into your local DMV and give it a try. A lot of the DMV people have forgotten about the memo and are not checking for the sticker. I had a DMV person ask me if I verified that it had that sticker. They did not even look at the bike. I am getting my 2005 WR Street legal right now. I am also selling my XR650R which is steet legal in California. By the way, all XR's have an emmisions sticker on the rear fender. It is not the California Air Resources Board sticker, but I bet most DMV people don't know the difference.

DMV can also revoke your plate if it determines it was obtained by fraudulent means.

I'll stay tuned on this one.

My buddy did his WR426 not to long ago.

I cant remember the abbreviation but he registered it as a street bike and made no mention of it beign dirt. When asked what type of bike he said it was a cruiser type.

These guys can do it for you


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