What do you think of

these freehand graphics? The drops (of blood) are intentional. There were some problems with bleeding of the tribal XR letters when the clear coat was applied. Just temporary anyway.

They are different (left vs right hand side). I like the left hand side best and plan to have decals made from a template.

Left hand side:



Right hand side:



I'd go a little bigger and bolder for the "650" numbering and I'd add the 'R' on there. :D Just an outsider's opinion. :D

Kinda has that custom chopper or low rider look with that freehand pinstriping. Who knows, maybe you'll start a whole new trend in MC graphics! :D

Needsprayer, put down the crack pipe!

The only pinstriping that should be on a 650R is from the Manzanita and Ocotillo bushes your riding through. :D

Turn off the NASCAR channel and get out there and ride...it's starting to get below 100 degrees in the mornings. :D

PS: I think you could raise those forks in the triple clamps a little more. :eek::D

Thanks for the feedback Dual-Dog and JackAttack.

I agree with you Dual_Dog on both points.

I have a Kouba lowering link (requires raising the forks) and the seat is cut down because I am SHORT damn it.

JackAttack you didn't say if you liked the artwork or not. I am going to assume that you did. Sure looks better than a big blocky KTM :D

The stripes look ok, but the 650 looks kinda like a kid with a pencil quickly added. Just my .02


You and Dual_Dog are correct, it is lacking in effect. The 650 was not originally part of the design. It became evident that the space needed to be filled in and was quickly done. Next version will address all of the recommedations.

Thanks for the feedback.

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