Husaberg: anyone got one?

I'm looking at the Husaberg (400E). Anyone have one? Any problems with getting parts/aftermarket? How do you like it?

New one? My last was a 98 FX501E. The bike was magic. Motor, suspension, etc.

Maintenance was a challenge. Not particularly well thought out from an ease-of-maintenance standpoint.

Some (read..many) folks had trouble with valve guides and bonnets. Like either they weren't there (the bonnets), or came adrift. Oil consumption was amazing as a result.

Cam shafts are prone to bend on the end. Stators go out regular as clockwork. Valves suck into the head. So you have to keep a very close eye on the valve lash. Water pump shafts are prone to leak. Starter sprags break off with alarming regularity. If you're lucky that will be the damage. If not it will take out the case, too. Repair requires cases split either way.

Parts availability is hit and miss. There are three of us in the Reno area that all had Husabergs ('97 400, '98 501 and '99 600). the problems were identical.

But. Even with all that, when it worked, it was magic.

I've got a '96 FE501E. It's fast as all Husabergs are. Parts are hit & miss, I understand the new parts guy at the importer is doing a great job getting stuff in now to all dealers. I just put a timing chain, gaskets, etc. in and got all the parts quickly. I do have some problems finding parts for the Dellorto carb though. My 501 likes to run and doesn't like to be in the tight woods. It's light enough, just loads up some when lugged around. In the open it revs like a foreign sports car! The 400 may do the woods better, hard to tell. I have been all through mine in the last few months (more by choice than actually fixing stuff, valve adjustments, etc.) and have really enjoyed it. The only problem has been with the carb, that Dellorto is piece of crap (to put it bluntly) and don't let anyone tell you they're not!

I have a 1996 FE501. The bike is great. I use it for mild MX and for tight enduro trails. I can only guess that the 400 will be even better in tight trails. Once you learn its quirks the bike is a lot of fun, and by the way I have no problems with the Del Orto Carb.


after reading these post my sure glad that my garage has a shiny tiny little 520 in it.... I thought waiting 7 days for my parts was bad!!!

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