I havent heard good things about the Starcross tires. What about an H12?

Has anyone tried the Michelin Starcross MH2 tires? I really like the M12, but it doesn't hook up real well when it's really hardpack. Any other suggestions for intermediate to hardpack conditions? Thanks.

hey moto man

the star are the best traking tire

you can get periode

only one problem they dont last compare

to the s12

by the way the s12 is better than the m12



I just put on a new set of Bridgestone M77/M78 front and rear. I love them! I have only used them in the desert though. M12's are great tires, but the front wont hold up to use in the rocks, the knobs will tear off. I think the new RFS bikes come with these tires, and people have been bitching about them, but they work well for me.


95 LC4 Supercomp

motojunkie I have on on my front, and I would give it a 4 outta 5 rating--pretty good tire.


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