very disapointed

i've been waiting 3 months for my 2001 wr 250. i came home today and it was finaly in my driveway :eek::eek::eek: anyways dad told me to take it for a ride, so i started it up and let it warm up, i pulled in the clutch and when i put it in first gear it jumped ahead and stalled, almost like the clutch isn't working. anyways i was hoping someone here could help me cause i could go beat it up at this moment :D:D:D:p:D:D:eek::D:D:D:D

also is there a lowering link you can buy for the back, i'm a little too short. :D

Thats common on a bike if it sits for a while or if the plates are nearing the end. Basket could be grooved as well. Try getting them to break apart by letting the clutch out fast while holding the rear brake locked. They should break free. My trials bike does this everytime I start it up, then once theyre broke its good till it cools and sits for a while. Check out the basket though. Its a fairly easy procedure.

ok. i will tell my dad. so your saying to break them apart, start the beast up and let out the clutch fast and hole the rear brake?

You could just try riding it and feathering the clutch a bit more. I wouldnt recommend dumping the clutch while holding the rear brake unless you know what to do when the bike flips over. :D

Just have your Dad give you a push then while your moving put it into gear. Now ride around for awhile and if it doesn't free up then something else is wrong.

My 05 does that after sitting during the week. My routine is to gas it a bit when I first put it in gear. I don't have any more problems after that first initial gearing. :D

Just replace the clutch and be done with it. Trust me it gets very annoying.

Here is a link to the Thumpertalk FAQ for the YZ/WR 250F. Under "Free Mods : Common Free Mods" choose "Clutch Mods". That has some good information on helping a grabby clutch. Lots of other good stuff there too.

Are you sure its just not an adjustment issue?

my 02 yz does it but only when i first ride it.if it does not stop after a few min check wat kind of oil you are running. some oil will not work with the cluch one my yz and the dealer said to make sure the oil had the right api rating for my could be as simple as using the right oil or a quick clutch adjustment

I'm almost positive this is just a matter of clutch cable adjustment. When I first installed my ASV levers I was worried I would have this problem. Check and adjust your cables, it shouldn't have anything to do with the plates.

Just start the bike. While its warming up pull the clutch it and hold it. This should allow for some of the oil it get in the clutch. After that, put it in gear and feed the clutch and throttle and be gone.

If this doesnt work, get a manual and open it up.

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