Stolen Brp

Stolen from my garage in Barrie, Ontario, Canada on July 21/05

2001 XR650R

White (clear) Clarke 4.3 tank, trailtech computer and billet mount, Electrex dual sport kit. Renthal bars, black/silver renthal handlebar pad, Black hand gaurds, HRC tip, small weld on inner portion of stock exhaust.

Black mylar number plates with 3M clear covers.

L.G.S. sticker on shock.

VIN JH2RE01281K200260

BIG Reward

Call cell 705 791-3377 or email

Also stolen were 2003 KX250 with pro circuit silencer, renthal bars, SDG seat, eline carbon fibre exhaust cover, skid plate.

2000 XR70R, stock, was in mint shape, small scuff on tank decal.

This has been one of my worst nightmares come true.


Sorry to hear the sad news.. :D Thieves suck :D:D

big reward huh? man sorry to hear that.......lots of nice mods shoulda got an l....they have internal stearing locks.

Crappy news man. Hope something turns up.

Is there an internal steering lock kit for an R? Since the Euro/ Aussie bikes come street legal, do they have 'em?

a steering lock doesnt slow the theft of a 650# Harley, it is of ZERO use on a 350# dirt bike

big reward huh? man sorry to hear that.......lots of nice mods shoulda got an l....they have internal stearing locks.

yeah you should have got an L that way no one would have even tryed to steal it, they may have even taken pity on you and left preformance enhancing mods and maybe if your lucky a radiator on your door step.

a word off advice (i dont know what its like where you live) but you just cant trust anyone but your close mates, as soon as word gets out that you have a shed full of bikes you gotta keep a team of eastons just to get peice of mind (or a peice of would be thief).

most of the times bikes get stolen its not just a smash and grab affair DONT TAKE THIEVES FOR CHUMPS, theyre not. stoping crime is all about prevention in these matters.

sorry for going off mate you probably dont want to hear it but whenever i hear about this shit i think about my own bike gettin stolen.

btw did you have insurance against this???

did you have

I don't know if my home policy will cover my bikes. I know that many don't and require that you have a separate policy on the bikes. I don't know if it matters that they were in a locked garage at the time. My 650 was insured for the basic PLPD in order to get it plated for the road. I didn't consider theft insurance at the time because it is never outside my garage except for when I am riding it. I never park it anywhere but at home.

I am scared to find out for sure from my insurance company that I won't be covered for the bikes. That will be quite the kick in the pills.

The loss of the BRP is an absolute heart breaker. I know I am preaching to the converted but it was truly a special bike. The others were nice in their own way but average in comparison.

Lock up your piggies tight.

Sorry to hear about your loss and good luck with your insurance. I was just in Barrie earlier this month visiting friends (my first time up there, liked it a lot). One day as we were leaving the house I was the last one out and I noticed the front door wasn't locked and I yelled to my friends, "should I lock it?" They said, "don't bother we don't have any theives here". Damn, guess I better tell them to lock it down. :D

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