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Potential Hydro-clutch disaster!!!

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I was just riding for a little bit out at the "Meltdown" desert race yesterday, and I went to pull my clutch lever in, and the lever went soft on me. So, I notice a little

fluid on the end of the perch where the hard-line goes into the perch, and so I go to touch the line, and it pops right off of the clutch perch!! I had to ride the bike back to camp without using the clutch (which is a real pain in the butt in sandy and technical

rocky terrain), and I proceeded to find out what had happened. I had bought a perch-cylinder/plunger rebuild kit the day before

as my clutch lever was leaking where the plunger is pushed by the lever. Talk about good timing!! So at camp, I pulled off my lever assembly, and pulled it completely apart and cleaned all parts and put it back together. (BOY WAS IT DIRTY)

I then proceeded to try to figure out how the cable could have popped out. Evidently, the little tapered crush/seal/fitting that goes over the end of the hard plastic line, had not been tightened down hard enough, and let the line slip out after 9 months of use.

So the moral of the story is... Make sure that you guys check that the hex-fitting that threads into the perch that is used to tighten and secure the plastic line in place, is TIGHTENED DOWN. More on How I bled the clutch line on a future post. Erik

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