Man I love my Little Black Button

Went riding Saturday June 9 with 2 2001 Yamaha WR426's. To start off the first WR426 started on the 3rd kick, ok doing good but the second WR426 would not start for about what seemed like about 1/2 hour or 3 dozen kicks. Ok he's pooped before we even start riding. We get it started head out on the trail in Georgetown, Ca. (Mace Mill) about 5 min. into the ride we stop to gather all the riders 6 of us. Well the 2nd WR426 wouldn't start again. Took about a dozen kicks and would not fire, ended up bump starting it down the hill. The 1st WR426 was waiting for us down the trail and when we got there he could not start his bike. Down the trail the 2nd WR426 fell and got up and took off and I waited for the 1st WR426, he coasted down to me on the trail and still could not start his bike. I took off down the hill to the bottom with all the other. Was waiting for what like felt for ever. Went back up the hill and he was on the trail kicking and kicking and kicking, can go on for a long time but he was really getting frustrated and I have never saw that side of him. He is an easygoing guy. He could not get it started and it would not bump start either. He ended up coasting all the way down to the bottom of the hill where everyone was waiting. He could not get it started at the bottom before he was pretty pooped so the 2nd WR426 guy hopped on and it toke him about 6-8 kicks to get it started. Our riding party was the 2 2001 Yamaha WR426's my 2001 KTM 520 EXC a 2000 or 2001 Honda XR400 a 2001 Kaw KLR 300 and a 1996 Honda CR250. The Yamaha's were the only bikes having problems starting. I lost count how many time those 2 bikes were kicked and I can honestly say that watching all that kicking made me tired.

Yep.....your right there many times have i waited for a yz or even an WR to be started..........but the worst of all with the KTM is all the energy that you have to use pressing the button.....

Last weekend, riding my 520 EXC, a screw rattled out that holds the little black button to the handle bars. One of the screws stayed in, so the "little black button" mount would rotate on the bars. So I had to use a lot more energy holding the mount with my finger while pushing the button with my about wasting a lot of energy.....whew!!

Anyone here want to buy a really nice WR400? :D.......

Really, it has a hot start button and everything, .... compression release, ....easy to find neutral (usually), kicks easy with the CL pulled, ...for sure!, ....I do it all the time, ...whenever I fall, ...sometimes a dozen times :D ,'s good exercise :D

No?....... :)

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James, you never did get that SALES job, did

you? :D Stick with jetting, we know you're good at that! :) Erik

tthere is nothing better in life than when you decide to take a dive on an uphill, downhill, off camber whatever it is and you are in an awkward position to simply pushing a button. No pain just the constant ability to restart when need be. Flayling on my old WR was great for the leg muscles (no wonder I had knee surgery), great for the cardio, great for the lost weight with 500 kicks, but frustrating as all get out. Call it

I have only one word to say........"YAMAHARDTOSTART"!

You know I have noticed over the last couple of months, about the time I purchased my 520 MXC, that my right thumb is kind of sore on Monday mornings. Man it must be that darn electric starter, guess I will have to find some exercises that can strengthen those muscles. :)

The hand (thumb) soreness hurts on my hand as well . Here I thought it was the darn'd remote control sitting on the couch between rides holding the darn thing. :) Must be the button, never thought of that. :D The cure all of course is a copper bracelet with magnets. Heals all. My right leg never hurts, no more ear plugs, no more hot starting on the side of a mountain (ha ha ha) just a mid 30's guy who likes to ride, have fun and make it fun as easy as possible. Go black button. Buying stock next week. mjh--- where is the kickstarter, I didn't think it came with one, did you have to pay extra :D



2001 KTM 400 exc. No upgrades, comes out of the box ready to ride.

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Want to have fun with your riding buddies??

Point the kickstarter and ask innocently "what is *that* thing for?!" :)

Yeah you guys got us LOL. Always - there is a guy at the trailhead on a KTM waiting for us to go through the tedious two to three kicks it takes to get a WR running and all they do is push the button. Once we ride off they shut it down and wait for the next WR to show up. How are they on the trail? I've only seen them sitting around being posed on!!!!


- Sean :)

OK OK OK OK RUB IT IN, Yes I had problems starting it one time :), The only reason I shut it off was to wait for your slow $ so you could follow us down the right trail :D. And who's usually the most tired at the end of our rides? Yes thats right you push button lazy SOB'S :D. All that kicking I do has lost me 10lbs while my lazy push button ridin buddy is getting bigger :D. Oh by the way how come you always have bandaids on your thumb, getting blisters. REMEMBER TO RIDE OFTEN AND RIDE SAFE

All right ladies! Drop your skirts when you talk about a MAN's bike........besides who ever heard of an electric start ON A DIRT BIKE.

As the rider of the 2nd bike (or was it the 1st??) I've got to tell ya - I was pissed! Moose's bikes never start, so thats nothin' new. But my bike wouldn't start - can you believe that? Never had that happen since I quit riding the Cotton - if you have to ask you haven't been around long enough to understand the answer. I suspect George did something to it when I was supervising the loading of that orange and black thing he rides. I think he twisted the throttle a couple of times to increase his testosterone level enough to avoid starting his period during our ride. I just don't know for sure :)

To tell the truth though...I'm just too fat to waste energy kick the dumb thing, and slow to get behind cause my bike doesn't start. But contary to what George says, they weren't that bad once they started - but it was a rough start. Anyone got an extra skirt I could borrow - and I got a tricked out WR426 I'd sell or trade for one of those girlee machines with the magic button :D

Unkle Moose: "Yes I had problems starting it one time"

RetSenior: "No I think it was a lot more times than one, closer to maybe 101"

Unkle Moose: "The only reason I shut it off was to wait for your slow $ so you could follow us down the right trail"

RetSenior: " No if you read the top right the 2nd Yamaha would not start again and again and again I could go on but I will stop here to continue so I was waiting on him and when he could not start it he had to push it down the hill to bump start it, I say just take off the kickstarter and save wait and bump start it but yours would not even bump start.

Unkle Moose: "Hey MONTY,PMAUST and all other NorCal Riders Need Help, Good ridin buddy (well he used to be until today) is givin us Yamaha Riders some good ol crap on the KTM side, Go to RET SENIOR topic MAN I LOVE MY LITTLE BLACK BUTTON Yes we had a small problem, put he's blowing it all out of proportion My Bro-N Law (Mike is Rider # 1 and I Moose was the other guy) Go over and some fun with-em. Buy Guys"

RetSenior: "OK what part did I blow out of proportion. Did the Yamaha's not have a problem starting. I had to stop pushing my little black button every time you guys kicked your bikes because I thought my starter was going to burn up. I promise to never push the little black button again till all the other bikes are started so help me god.

My buddy Unkle Moose is a great guy just bought the wrong bike. How many times have you heard a KTM guy say I wish I would have bought a Yamaha, None. Well I can't count how many times I have heard Yamaha people say I should of bought a KTM.

Oh yea another thing is there a tree around here somewhere so I can park my bike to go piss. Just put the kickstand down. Oh I don't have one. A little item that works wonders on the trail. (Yamaha No) (KTM Yes)

George - You spend much time lurking over on the WR side. You coming out of the closet or what???

Huh? The WRs have a kickstand.

The other day while riding with a 200exc, we stopped at the end of the day to bench race. While walking his bike off the trail he managed to snap off the bolt that holds the kickstand to the bike. We gave hime some cable ties to get it back home LOL!

- Sean

Kick Starter????? :) What is that. Bolts, zip ties, What is that :D

Push a button, expend the energy on what actually counts. Riding.


Michael, I've been on the WR site 2 times, once today after the post by Unkle Moose and once a long time ago. No need to go there!!

z4me, the 2 WR's I was with did not have them, I had to hold their bike while the other Yamaha rider started the other Yamaha riders bike. Can you imagine another KTM rider coming over to start another KTM riders bike because he can not start it because of the bilster on his thumb.

Go ahead George....tell everyone what else I let you hold.

Clue: It was my helment

Hey RET SENIOR, yes I sure do like my WR426, but it sure pisses me off to have to watch you strain those shoulder and forarm muscles to make your thumb move on that button. I sure hope you don't hurt yourself. And yes you can sleep in the truck sunday on our way upto Georgetown, do you need some ice to help your sore thumb, and don't use that excuse that you worked a 12hr shift Saturday night for your poor riding. If your to tired to start your bike I think and have enough strength to push that button. See ya Sunday Mornin.

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