rfs excel wheels?

picked up my 400exc a few days ago, came with DID rims, while sitting on bowl looking through the lit for the 01 ktm rfs, they point out that all rfs come with excel, and the 2-stroke line comes with DID?? anyone else end up with DID, just want to make sure, cause at 7k if they say it's comming with excel, it had better!

No Excels on mine (520EXC '01 purchased March 2001).

Never heard about the fact, that they should have Excels!

pick up the brochure for the 2001 exc line, it points out that the exc four-strokes come with excel rims, in fact it even has a bulleted pointer to the rim on a 400exc stating that it comes with tough excel wheels, however, I just checked ktmusa.com, and on their spec sheet, they show only the sx models having excel rims.

EXC and MXC 400 and 520 come with DID. The SX 400 and 520 come with Excel. The DID rim is a tougher rim anyway and will not bend as easy as an Excel rim....In my opinion. The Excel is a lighter rim, that is why it is on the SX and not the Enduro bikes. This is my two cents......

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