Where do you buy tires?

I was wondering where people are getting their tires at? I have been purchasing them from swmototires.com and feel I am getting a good deal. I am buying D756's and paying $54 for the front and $56 for the rear and shipping is free with no tax. Has anyone found any better prices? I think we could all help eachother out by letting everyone know where the best deals are!


01 400 MXC

00 XR400

I just got a set of Dunpopped 755's 80/100 x 21 and 110/100 x 18 for $109 at Hiper Sports. No tax, but the shipping was a little high ($20). I've seen advertisements in Dirt Rider for the same tires at $48 and $49 front and rear, but I'm not sure what the shipping would cost. Since I'm a non-sponsored privateer the cheeper the better! :)

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