Dilema on 2006 XR650R should I buy or wait???

I have a huge dilema hear about the XR650R.....I need the advise of you guys...

-first. in the couple of months (maybe october) i will be buying a brand new 2006 XR650R via credit, because i don't have 3000 dlls and more to buy a use one, and for me that im going to university it's better to pay a bike in the long run that in cash, because of school, traveling and all that stuff..

Mom and Dad said yes, school and work are going great so im just waiting for the right time to buy mi 650R...

-second. I currently own a 600R with a lot of goodies but my 600R (1992) it's to old and too many miles on it so need to sell fast. I need a low maintence bike that mostly will be run in Baja and the 650R fit's my budget best in parts and maintence, has i plan to race 2 -3 races a year in the local series CODE and plan to ride it a lot.

-What should i do wait for the CRF600X, but with all the talk on the 250x and 450x i don't plan on buying that bike in the firts year..

-Should a change Red for Orange??? but are they that expensive in maintence, racing and reliable... would love the 525XC..

-DRZ400 and the WR450F are great.......

Any advise

DRZ Motorsports 119

Just wait for a new 650r. That's the best bike for what you're doing.

You might still be able to get a new pre-'06 R with financing and that would save you some $.

If you buy a XR650R New Buy an 2004. You will be able to finance it just the same as a 2006.

All the bikes from 2002 and up are the same except for graffix'. Here in Southern California you can buy a 2004 XR650R for $4,990 OUT THE DOOR! Financed!

but, a 2006 will cost you $6,200 OTD and they are the same bike. You have to know where to buy and how to buy. Those are what they should go for.

650 R. Uncork. Good treads. Braaaaaaap.

dude, if you have to buy it on credit.....dont!!!!!!!! unless its land or a house......but if you cant pay cash, forget it!

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