Leaking Oil Check Window

My oil check window on my 2001 400 EXC is seaping out oil. It's minimul, but not acceptable. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is this a warranty deal, or do it yourself deal? If it's a do it yourself, has anyone done it themselves? :)

Had a leak in that area on my exc520. Found that bolt that holds mount for return spring rear brake was leaking. Tighting bolt did not stop leak. Made rubber washer placed under spring mount stopped leak. I plan to replace with a rubber backed washer.

I also found that the upper of the rear brake spring bracket bolts was leaking. This obviously is a wet bolt (the lower isn't) and it seems strange that KTM would not seal it with something. I cleaned the area well and applied high temp silicone to the threads of the bolt and both sides of the spring bracket. It is dry now.


I have not experienced the issue of the bolt leaking (yet)but was wondering if you thought a little teflon tape would be good preventative maintenance?


I would not mess with it if it is dry. It wasn't leaking enough to cause any problems, just was a little messy around there. When you see the mess - then work on it.

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