05 carb question

hey guys, so I just finished installing my zip ty fuel screw, all went well. My question is , have you noticed that after you tighten the clamp on the intake/carb that the carb still is a little loose ? I mean you can still turn it on the intake pretty easy...thoughts???

There is a little spacer-type stop that prevents the ring from tightening all the way. If you remove it, you'll get it real tight. However, after doing it this way for a while, you will stretch the ring and will ultimately need a new one. They're cheap, so I just considered it a normal wear item...SC

thanks clark...again...

I've had my carb off several times and it has never been loose after I retightened the clamps. One time, however, I didn't get the boot seated properly and no matter how hard I tightened the clamp, the carb was still loose. After I fired it up, I could hear the air leak and realized something was loose. The boot wasn't fully seated on the underside of the carb. After I got the boot to properly seat around the carb and retightened clamp all was well.

When I removed the fuel screw cover I simply rotated the carb without loosening clamp to access it. Looks like that is indeed the way they are designed.

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