camelpack went to the greenies

Sky George of camelBak is supporting the greenies. I won't be throwing mine out, but wont be buying another one. As a matter of fact he is a member of the ORCA board. The article is under News&

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I am half asleep here, sorry for the "camelpack" spelling error. I hope I am done with the edits on this little post.

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I'm back. Now you may have better understanding of my concerns with these folks. I'm referring to your meeting with a Sierra Club rep. You just cannot believe anything they tell you. They have motivation and money and view us (ORV enthusiasts) as the enemy.

Here in the NW there is a company that sells and manufactures outdoor/hiking gear and equipment called REI. They contribute considerable funds to the WTA, Sierra Club, etc. I will not purchase anything from them, ORVers need to carefully choose where we spend our money, or we may be contributing to our own demise.

Don't take this as criticism, it's not, you could say that I am a definite pessimist when it comes to Eco groups. :)

Buy Ty Davis' Quick Quench System. It's better than the camelback and Ty ain't no greenie.

Check it out at

They only view us through paper. That's why the face to face. The meeting is to see if these two groups can carry a conversation. If so and an agreement on another meeting is made, then things will be put on the table. There will be no asking or pleading. We as a group will discuss on how to work together and come up with options both sides can agree to. It will work much better if the two sides can work something out before it goes to the state. remember, we view them as the enemy as well. To work things out with words and pictures on paper is the beginning of the end for all of us. We won't win. I guarntee it. We need to work together and I am going to make sure it happens in my state. The state knows this meeting is going to take place and is excited about if. Once the meeting takes place, there will be pressure on both sides to work together. The group that refuses or represents poorly will also look bad in front of the state. A lot will be riding on this meeting. The ultimate goal is for both sides to compramise and come to an agreement on how all can responsibly use and maintain the land. Then propose the use of the land to the state. Now the state would not have to play a moderator roll between the two. Now of course both sides won't always agree. If they can agree even once and a while, we will all make out a little better. Also, don't compare east coast to west coast.

it is definately different. We are a few years behind in this catagory. I want to prevent thw west coast situation if at all possible.


I hope you understand that I fully support and applaud your efforts and willingness to meet the enemy (and you a right on, I definitly view them as the enemy). If you didn't attempt to work with them you always wonder if you could have dome something different.

There are other brand hydration systems out there that work just as well as a camelback and cost considerably less.

In Oz the green agenda is simple: deny access to everyone and allow the bush to "evolve without the influence of man". Everyone includes 4x4 drivers, trailbike riders, horse riders, mountain bike riders AND pedestrians. Here it is as simple as gating public land and refusing to maintain the existing roads, they are soon impassable.

I have spent the last 12 months on Government committies with greenies and other recreationalists, at the end of that the Environment department are doing what they always intended, we have merely legitimised the process. The overall agenda here is that all recreation will occur on private land, this appears to be supported by Tread Lightly and the DSMRA, the minority groups that the Government chooses to represent us. Good luck!! try to remember that you represent all riders not just those who are allready half green or was that half ripe.

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