wont shift into neutral

I recently changed the water pump in my yz400f ..... 99 i got it all back toghether and it wont shift into neutral? anyone have any thoughts or ever had any problems like this? I am stumped!! I need help i am freekin out! thanks to anyone and everyone for help!!

please help !!! i have no clue what to do!

Did the water pump completely take a dump? Did you ride the bike for prolonged periods with a bum waterpump? Even if you did it should not have an effect on anything in the lower end, but you never know how much heat can be produced by these bikes.

Check you oil, rock the bike back and forth with the clutch disengaged and see if it'll go in. How did it shift prior to the water pump replacement?

I assume the bike has not run since the new water pump. Definitely try rocking the bike with the clutch out and then kick it down (or up) with the clutch in. If it is running, you've got other issues.

How so? Will it go straight to second, or not shift at all?

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