Fork Oil Q & A

I'm going to upgrade my fork springs with a set of RaceTech .48's and figured I'd do the fork oil as well. I'm pretty well versed on the procedure and even went out and bought the Motion Pro syringe thingy for precise oil level measurement. I spent most of the day searching the archives and discovered there isn't any definitive answer on who makes the "best" fork oil so I went with my old standby, Amsoil. It was actually cheaper than the Maxima stuff, so what the hell, right?

Just for sh:censored:ts and grins though, I wanted to know about mixing different wieghts of the same brand of oil, say 5# with 10# to get 7.5#. Also what are the performance consequences when doing this? I'm assuming with the stiffer springs, I ought get a better ride out of the front end, but what exactly will a heavier oil mix do for me combined with the new sproingies? Many thanks...SC

P.S.- I'm rollin' at 220 soakin' wet and have a 5.8 spring on the shock.

More damping.

Yes, if mixed equal volumes, a 5 weight and a 10 weight will yield a 7.5 weight fork oil. AMSOIL is an excellent fork oil and the published physical properties of both oils (maxima and AMSOIL) are nearly identical. Here's the data sheet for the AMSOIL.

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