03 WR450 E-start problems

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I should start to repair the E-starter on my 03 WR450? Right now it will clunk and spin and while hitting the e-button. Sometimes it engages and turns over, but doesn't seem like that is very often anymore.

I am guessing I will have to replace some parts, I just would like to know if this is a common problem with the 03 and if maybe I should go with 04 or 05 parts.

I haven't even ripped it apart yet, so I really have no idea what I am up against just yet.

Thanks in advance.

There are lots and lots of posts on this topic. I'm in the process of upgrading my '03 to '04 parts. The biggest help for me were the instructions posted on www.wr450.com. My starter acted the same exact way, but I waited too long to do the upgrade and blew my starter clutch. Save yourself a ton of hassles and stop using the e-start right now and do the '04 upgrade.

Starter clutch is worn out, and it can come apart and kill your engine! Fix it before you ride! You can upgrade to some new 04 parts also.

starter clutch. it's on the back of the fly wheel. you'll need the correct puller to get the flywheel off. be careful. it can lock up and engage your starter motor while the motor is running.

I finally just got around to taking my bike apart.... And you guys are right, it must be the starter clutch. I have a couple of questions. What would be the advantage of using 04 e-start parts? Everything that is listed to change to 04 parts seem fine on my bike. Also, do I have to buy the Yamaha rotor puller to get the rotor off? I can just imagine how much that would be.

Thanks for all the help

The reason everyone upgrades to the 04 parts is to prevent a woodruff key failure which was a common problem on the 03's. Do a search for "starter upgrade" or Woodruff Key" and Im sure you will find more info that you wanted to know. Good Luck Cya Stinson

My brother-in-law has now had to replace his starter clutch TWICE. The first time I figured it was a fluke, but now that it's gone out twice, I suspect it may be because he hasn't done the starter upgrade.

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