Bridgestone M77 80/100 X 21

Anyone interested in my stock front tire? About 70 miles in the sand and it still has most of the little nipples on it. It's not a tire for my kind of riding, so I'd like to get rid of it along with the stock tube!

Ohh Ohh Ohh!!!

I'l give you $100 bucks for it. :D

Just kidding! :)

The only thing those tires are any good for is to make a kids swing out of it. I could never figure out why a quality manufacturer like KTM sells their bikes here with those awful tires.


400 EXC--stock&great

YAMAHA 250--sold

250 sherco

I wish you guys would tell me how you really feel! :) Should I just carry it around and use it for an emergency fire? :D

Guess none of you ride in hardpack conditions, cause that tire is great in the conditions for which is was designed. Its HARD TERRAIN tire guys, so unless you are in the rocks, desert, or a sun-baked So Cal moto track quit complaining. The M77 slides really predictably on graded dirt as well.


1995 EXC 400

AMA Dist 37

O.K., now that we are in agreement about the M77 being a hard pack tire and since I don't ride hard pack, is there anyone that does and would want this tire? Make me an offer on the tire and the tube plus shipping. Any reasonable deal will be accepted! :)

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I've had decent luck with the M77/78 combo riding Int to hardpack conditions...They require running what I consider low tire pressure ~ 11 psi. Also, keep in mind I use them strictly for MX. With that said, I probably will try the Michelin Starcross MH2 next time around.

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Hey, I found some hardpack my M77 likes... we had to connect two trails this weekdend and I rode a bit of pavement. Bitchin'!

So thats what Bridgestone meant by hardpack!


Coming off the scooter Wednesday. 739 going on.

What kind of condition is the tire seriously in? I love the M77 for the hare scrambles here in PA. Hard pack and rocks under a layer of dirt and sometimes mud. This tire so far seems to do well for me. I swore I wouldn't buy any other tire than the M77. In sand, the corners may round thats why I'm curious as to the condititon of the knobbies. The little tits sometimes can stay on for a bit (although this proves it's pretty new!)

What kind of a price are you looking for? I mean, I can get a new tire for 30 or so,l so it's not worth it too much if you're looking for 35 or so, know what I mean? :)

The tire is in perfect condition. The tits are almost all intact. It was ridden on twice (a little over 50 miles) in sand. The knobbies are not rounded. I'd like to know where you get new tires (Bridgestone or Dunlop?) for $30! I'll get my next 755's from them! I could come close to your price, plus shipping, and I'll throw in the stock tube (like new condition) also! :)

Let me know how much you'd want for the shipping, and what you'd be willing to sell it for... :)

My uncle owns a shop in La Mesa (Closing down now..he says it's too much hassle), so I get them for like dealer cost. :D

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