GPR Stabilizer Reviews?

Anyone tried the GPR stabilizer from DH1 Racing? Their prices don't compel me to switch my attention from the Scotts stabilizer...

Any opinions? Any great prices on these buggers?

awsome dampners-450.00 from dh racing with top clamp and barmount.50.00 more than a scotts basic kit

I just read an article about these in the latest Dirt Bike mag. At least, I think it was DB. The one with Lawson and Wolf. I can't keep it and Dirt Rider straight. Yellow cover.

They liked it. It's different than the Scott's in that it dampens back to center a bit where the Scott's does not. It also does not have the low speed damping circuit that the Scott's has and it does not have the range of adjustment in the high speed adjuster that Scott's has (neither of those facts were in the article, which surprised me). The Scotts also has sweep adjustments that the GPR apparently does not.

They listed the price as $350 and that included the tower but maybe not the top clamp.

Any damper is better than not having one and I'm sure the GPR is a good unit. I know guys that use them and one is an AA rider. I have Scott's and WER's on our bikes and I would not personally pay more or even the same for the GPR. The Scott's gives you more, IMO.


John Brunsgaard

01 400 EXC, 99 250 EXC (gone), 99 200 EXC, 98 125 EXC, 98 380 MXC (long gone)

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