Do I have worn cam sprockets?

I did a search on this topic and didn't get many hits. Anyway, in the process of modding my starter to '04 from an '03, I decided to replace my cam chain while it was convenient. While setting the timing, I noticed that my chain did not seem to mesh with the cam sprockets like I thought they should. The exhaust cam sprockets looked more worn than the intake ones, but neither meshed like a new rear sprocket and chain.

Now maybe this is the way it has always been and I never noticed. Can anyone confirm or deny that my cam sprockets are worn and I should change them since I have installed a new cam chain? Are you supposed to replace them as a set?

Seems to me that the cam sprockets shouldn't really wear. How much force is actually placed on them? The cam chain and cam sprockets are constantly bathed in oil. Shouldn't that diminish the amount of wear?

I'll probably contact Hot Cams tomorrow and see if I can get an answer. If anyone has an opinion, please post...



the cam chain is a different style of chain to a drive chain. This style of chain doesnt sit as deep in the sprocket as a drive chain does. You should never have to replace cam sprockets. The sprocket on the crank will wear out 10 times over before the cam sprockets significantly wear out. As the lower sprocket is part of the crank web, it becomes an expensive procedure. Due to the very small diameter of the lower sprocket and the high rpm used, the chain does wear out quickly. On a single cylinder engine there is a considerable strain on a cam chain. On a 4 cyl engine opening and closing valves tend to combat eachother and reduce the stress on the chain. On the thumper the stress on the chain occours in pulses, rather than a constant load. This doesnt do the chain any favours. All these things combine to kill the chain in 5,000KM's where a streeters chain will last 50,000+km's.

hope this makes sense

my 2 cents

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