18mm offset clamps upset suspension

After installing 18mm clamps, the forks deflect off any small rock or root and felt every small bump in the bars. Bike was constantly twitching from side to side. Sent forks to Enduro Engineering and got them revalved. It's better but still deflects badly.I have a Scott's dampner installed and run the rear tire almost all the way back. The bike is sprung for my weight and ability,all other settings have been double checked. Any suggestions would be appreciated before I go back to the stock clamps.Thanks

this is why Emig Racing sells 22mm offset clamps.These make the bike handle better in all situations.dont ask me how-front wheel geometry is a mystery-conventional wisdom goes out the window

It doesn't make any since, it only changes the wheelbase a little over a 16th of an inch and that depends on where the rear wheel is. It supposedly doesn't change the rake of the front end but moves the complete front end back 2mm. This is only suppose to change the balance point of the bike but that gets into the steering geometry and it's over my head. All I do know is in 3rd and 4th gear the front end will not stay planted an is constantly moving around, it's keeps you on edge because you don't know what to expect next. I just sold a 00 RM 250 and every body knows RM's are twitchy, it's much worse than an RM. Thanks

i have some 22mm offset clamps- i could probally let you try out. e-mail me at mikecust1@aol.com

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