Down Grade

She has to go i cant ride my 426 without getting pulled up every where i ride got a choice now wr 250 03 elec start or the crf250x 04 model is there a major difference between the two and also is it a big difference from the 426 to a 250, where i ride you dont have the most opportunities to open the bike up so will i still keep up with the rest of the pack. :D

426 was abit over kill for the bush

I'm skinny and not that strong. i can handle a 450 in the tightest bush you can imagine.

you need to build you strength and or technique. i wouldn't blame the size or weight of the bike. blame the fact that your kicking it every time you stall it. not having an Estart would suck.

pulled up by cops

I'm faster in tight single track on my buddy's WR 250.

You will find it doesn't beat the crap out of you like the 426.

The CRF250x has valve issues so go with the WR.

pulled up by cops

Why? and why will the 250 be better?? Is it the year of the bike that matters??

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