New 520 EXC

Hi Ho, first time in the group. Just recently got a new '01 520 EXC after too many years on a dual sport XR 600. I'm getting ready to kit the Katoom, and was wondering if anyone has advice on whether to rewind the stator. Baja Designs says it's needed for DOT lighting, but I'm not doing any extended road or night work. Any ideas on wiring and setup would be great. Thanx!

There is a guy that frequents this site that is preping his 400EXC for dualsport use. He may be able to offer some assistance. He is on vacation right now though. I know he bought turn signals, wiring, etc from Europe. There some models comes with turn signals as standard equiptment.


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EXC bikes are sold street legal in Europe (Germany in my case). So you can get all you need from your KTM dealer or import it from a German dealer (try .

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The AC Stator output on the EXC and MXC is split up. Half of the output goes to the lights (head, tail and brake) in the case of the EXC. The other output goes to the DC system (rectifier and regulator). This is for charging the battery.

Check out the wiring diagram. You'll see the two outputs. On an EXC all you need to do is take the DC output (for example, you can tap off of the battery, using the appropriate size fuse, and power your turn signals, horn and fan if you install one). Each output is about 65W. The DC is ONLY for your horn, fan if installed, and turn signals. Leave the lights alone. They're powered by the un-rectified AC output (regulated) and they'll work just fine. You might need to add a wire for hi/lo beam but that’s it.

No need for a rewound anything.


He has really awesome kits and should be able to answer your questions as well.


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I have a '01 520 EXC and did alot of research before going with the e-line kit.

Check it out @, this kit is designed by Kevin Hines, installs in about 20 min., does NOT require rewinding stator, turn signals are built into the headlight headlight (nothing to "tear off", turn signals are self cancelling, & everything is located behind headlight. This kit is lightyears ahead of Baja-Desgns!

The e-line kit comes complete with another OEM rear fender with their tailight bolted on. You could possibly save some $ if they would sell you the kit minus the OEM fender and mount the tailight assembly onto your existing rear fender.

Check your e-mail I will send pics.

That kit is incredibly COOL!! I like it!! Does it go on pretty easy? It looks way better than the Baja kit!!

Yes, it goes on and comes off easy. It is a very shart kit and rugged too.

Is the ELine kit DOT legal? Isn't there a minimum spacing requirement for the blinkers?


Originally posted by Mr. Smooth:

It varies from state to state. In Florida you don't even have to have turn signals.

Same with AZ



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Same in Georgia


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It varies from state to state. In Florida you don't even have to have turn signals.

Same in Montana.


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