20 inch front wheel good or bad idea?

Do any of you yz450 owners have a 20 inch front wheel on your bike? What are the positives and negatives for having a smaller wheel? thanx

The 20" wheels were originally introduced to use a larger section front tire without changing the overall diameter, much as the 110/90x19 was created in order to use a lighter rear tire with the same contact and overall diameter as a 110/100x18. I had one on my brand new '71 BSA B50MX, and the bike worked fine with it. I can't honestly compare it to a 21", because I've never had both on the same bike. A much cheaper and less permanent mod you can try now is to go with one of the larger 90/100x21 tires now available. They are supposed to work well on a YZF, but again, I have not personally tried one.

Another consideration are the Dunlop 739 F and Gs. Not to be confused with a standard production 739.

The front is a smaller diameter with a stiffer sidewall, which makes for faster and sharper turn-ins.

I was really impressed with how much of a difference it makes.

I used to run nothing but 756s, which is a softer compound, but the special production 739s out performed the 756s. The one exception would be concrete starts.

Most dealers don't seem to know of these tires or think to recommend or ask about your needs, so you really have to press the issue and either insist or ask that they be ordered. About the same price as the others as well.

I know the 739s have taken some flack on TT in the past, but trust me, at the proper tire pressure, these tires are really hard to beat.


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