anyone ride with or ride one of the new husky 4 stokes..

the magazines had alot of good to say about the tc570..

Just wondering if anyone has seen one yet..

I like to rought for the little guy, I would like to see husky do well make a competitive bike and you would be able to get parts..

A good friend of mine just bought a TE 400, nice bike but a little short on power compared to a WR. I think you would need a 570 to run with a WR.

my mate has a 570, leaves me for dead on the fire break roads,

wouldnt swap for his tho,,, his comments after ridding mine is its like ridding a bmx

Is your mate’s the ’01 sandracer? I read they are much quicker handling and much lighter than the ’00 and previous.

I think it is interesting that three of the more competitive (of course YZF is MOST competitive) motocross four-strokes out there started out as the same bike. What was it, like 1984 when Husky came out with that racing thumper? I wonder how that original version would stack up against, say, a ’01 XR?

Kind of like how a handful of German scientists were responsible for the space and nuclear programs of the US and USSR (Werner Von Braun??), a few crazy Swedes are responsible for the basic engine design of the KTM, Husky and ‘Berg thumpers. With the exception of the new ‘Berg, the engines in all three look very similar although on the KTM exhaust, kickstarter and drive chain have been moved to the opposite side.

The advantage the Husky has right now over the other two is you can actually get one, even out here in the sticks. There’s a 570 sitting at my local dealer. Why would anyone buy a two stroke with all these thumpers to choose from?

I'm sorry but when I ride yzf' ktm' husky' I get 3 different feeling bikes.

ok the yzf is a motorcross bike and that is it.. in the woods if you are not a b class or better it is hard to ride..

the ktm is easy to ride from c to a class .motocross to woods to hill climbing..

the husky I never rode motocross but is a great woods bike for any class..

If the whole world was blue, orange, green' red or what ever it would suck..

I'm just glad I live in a time when there is a big move from all bikes on 4 strokes...

lets ride..

yep i rode the 01 model

also rode a 00,,, 610[his previos bike]

liked em both,, more power then i think i'd ever need, both much more 4 stroke then my yzf, i liked it cus of things like grease nipples every where on it. but i doubt i would swap from mine just yet,,,, however i think next year i will get a new bike,,

cant wait to see the new yz450f [if rumours are to be believed]

and also the honda crf450,,,,

wonder if i'd look good in red,,,,,,,,

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