can Titanium or stainless valves fit into 98 wr400?

can Titanium or stainless valves fit into 98 wr400? i am going to replace valves and what special tools do i need to do the job? my exhaust clearance reads 0.6mm, 0.20mm(within spec) and the other 3 intake valves read 0.1mm,0.15mm and 0.1mm


Aren't the stock valves stainless? Why not have them lapped and have the head recondidtioned? They'll be good to go.

you need to adjust the valves by changing the shims.

not by replacing the valves.............

If your only issue is valve cleance, just change the shims (read the owners manual). If you have valve sealing issues, take your head assy to a machine shop and have them do a 'valve and seat job'. They will then 'tip' the valves to bring them back into the middle of the shim range.

now, i have another problem... i couldnt remove valve cap from one of the exhaust side. i try to rotate it but it wont move. i guess i need to remove the top block to take it out. :D

Did you remove the decompress lever? If you don't you can't remove the right side exhaust lifter/cap.

yes. the decom is out.

before i remove the cam cap, i put it to TDC and notice theres quite a big gap between the valve lifter and the cam (clearance, 0.6mm) compare to the rest of it.

i can rotate and remove the other valve lifter easily with a magnet. but, this one (right side exhaust lifter/cap) wont rotate or move at all.

put back everything. i rotate the crankshaft about 45 Deg counter clockwise( "I" pointing upwards) and remove the cam cap. using a little piece of wooden rod , i give the valve lifter a few knock. the valve lifter moves downward and stops at the lowest point. :D:eek::eek:

i use a flexiable ended wrenches to tap it and it did bounce back up. however its still stuck and the clearance is the same as before. :D

i am suspecting the valve spring or any idea whats wrong with it. :D

can someone guide me how to change valve spring and valve? i know i need a valve spring compressor. what other tools do i need. :eek:

valve clearances for 98 should be : 0.15-0.20mm intake, 0.25-0.30 exhaust!

is the area around the cap anyhow damaged so it doesnt let the cap move freely?

in any case, if you want to remove the valves, you have to remove the head so do it, it will be easier to work on the stuck cap

do you know what "shim" is, as few people advised you, they are ment for adjusting valves and are located under cap and sitting on top of the valve

saw ur picture with the stuck valve lifter/cap.. mine looks exactly like that..

but its on the exhaust side(next to the decom shaft). i measured it at 0.6mm before removing the cap to do shimming. yup.. i know what is shim :D

than remove the head, scrub off excess material (careful at cam slidind areas) and adjust valves with correct shims if necessary

it might be just damaged cap seating not allowing the cap to rise fully

cap should rotate freely by hand in its seating

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