Hello again! My dad and I are going on a hopefully wonderful trip out to California this August, to ride with some of my uncles that live in La Mesa (About 10 minutes east of San Diego). We keep telling them not to worry about training extra hard, I doubt we'll be able to keep up with them anyway. We are planning on heading up to Competition Park, Lake Elsinore, Glen Helen, and some smaller, more local tracks, as well as a probable desert ride once. Does anyone have any ideas how these tracks compare to Pennsylvania tracks? I would imagine they are more intense and just all out faster and bigger (sounds like it could be typical CA, hu?) I know here they throw down 6 inches of tan bark and saw dust, then water the crap out of if that made for nice handling. I'm just looking for some heads up on what to look for! (60-100 foot doubles everywhere, sand, or perhaps stuff very simmilar to back here) Any comments?

Also, with the cheap airfare rates...we're going to fly out, any suggestions on shipping the bikes? I've got something already arranged, unless someone has some ideas that sound better!

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Its gonna be hot no matter what track you guys go to here. So try to get there early so you can ride and leave by 12-1pm. Glen Helen is really fun and there are several tracks there as well. The Elsinore track will be really hot in the afternoon, and isnt as fun as Glen Helen. These tracks out here are maintained pretty well with regular watering and grading, so expect them to be fairly smooth. Put on your hard terrain tires though, cause the sun bakes the ground pretty well and if you go on a desert ride with soft terrain tires you may be ripping knobs off in 30 miles or less if you like to twist the throttle.

Los Angeles County Raceway is a good place to ride according to my bros but I have never ridden there.

Dont even think about going on a desert or long trail ride unless you have at least a 70 ounce bladder in your drinking system. Again, the key to going on a desert ride is to get there at about 7am and split by noon or 1pm. Try to make it to Frazier Park or Gorman. These places have some REALLY fun trails and there is a moto track at Gorman in the Hungry Valley State Vehicle Recreaton Area. This place is off the 5 Freeway about 20-30 miles north of Magic Mountain. Exit at Smokey Bear Road and go left, or go farther and exit at the GORMAN ramp. Make sure the bikes have current registration and spark arrestors if you take the bikes off the moto tracks. Have fun!


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