2005 XR650L Performance Upgrades??

Hi all,

I recently picked up the 2005 XR650L and am ready to start trying to get a little more performance out of her. I haven't found any hop-up kits for this bike yet. Does anyone know of any out there? Barring a kit, I thought I'd start with the exhaust. Anybody have a good suggestion for what works well with the 650L?

Any performance upgrade suggestions (other than "get the 650R" :-) will be greatly appreciated.

-- Nick

Browse the history on this site, this question has been addressed ad nauseum

I agree with the wr450f guy...I've got the very same exhaust on my 2000 and then dynojetted. The entire process took 3 hours in my garage and it certainly hopped it up. Low end was most improved, the mid was torkier and the bike will actually do 100+ fairly easily now at 6000 ft. Only complaint I had was that the yoshi was way too loud. A great sound (kinka like a rocket), but it affected the comfort level of the bike. So I had to build a custom baffle, to shut the 100dB sound off. Jetting, exhaust and airbox mods are all I've done, and probably all I will do. I think if you need more than that, you should probably get a different bike like the xr650r, which has a bit more compression and is a few pounds lighter. Oh, the tank and cap on the 650L have a combined weight of somewhere between 200 and 250 lbs (I hope you know this is an exaggeration :D) and because the tank is only 2.8 gallons, it's the only complaint I have about the bike. I guess I'm saying the tanks days with me are numbered.

I would do all the free/near free mods first, jetting, desnorkle,desmog, K+N filter, knobby tires, gear ratio change. I then replaced my stock can with the white bros e series can. Very happy with the changes so far. As time goes on a big bore kit will be installed.

All the "advice" reccomending you get an r model is like telling the guy with a dodge deisel truck he needs to get one with a hemi. They are simply two different machines, with different uses, I have an R and an L and there is no comparison as they are as different as a kiwi and a bannana. Both are red and go down the road on knobbies and thats were the similarities end. Getting back on the L after riding the R for a few hundred miles in a day is a big comfortable relief, not as wild and fast, but when I am riding 2 up with the wife or kids they pick the L every time.

Maybe if the R nuts are so serious about raw power they should get a kx500 , or give my heavily modified kx 523 a spin, G-anylist shows it wipin' its tail pipe with the uncorked R all across the board. Richard

Hi all, Anybody have a good suggestion for what works well with the 650L?

Any performance upgrade suggestions (other than "get the 650R" :-) will be greatly appreciated. -- Nick

Here's a start: get an aftermarket exhaust & air filter, can the smog & ditch the snorkle, rejet the carb as needed, drill the slide & shim the needle, add a bash plate & install a larger fuel tank, swap out the bars, experiment with different gearing, throw on some DOT knobs, get some bigger & stronger footpegs, put on a fork/disc guard & head light rock guard, do the low profile tail/brake light conversion, use a magnetic oil drain plug and bypass all safetys. Oh yeah, one more thing, RIDE! :D

This should keep you busy for a while, fun tickets permitting. :D

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