RFS thermostat? Removal for overheating problems?


I've got a 2001 520 EXC that is experiencing some overheating problems. I've had an experienced rider recommend the

removal of the thermostat to get more flow thru the engine. Has anyone done this?

I ride mostly in Texas so cold winter weather ride is a very small part of my usual riding. I could always put it back in when the weather dictates.

Who else has removed their thermostat? What possible harm could be caused from its removal.

Also, any recommendations on solving an overheating problems on the 520?



Have you tried twisting the doohickey on the right hand side of the bars? :) It helps with the cooling air getting into the shrouds if you twist it counter clockwise! Seriously, there is a post on this site from May that discusses this issue. Do a search on "thermo" and several posts will pop up. I think the cooling fan option would help your situation the most :D

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