Getting a plate for a Xr650r. *Help*

Hey guys, i'm looking to buy a Newer XR650R for some dual sport city riding, canyons, wheelie's around town, and some trails. I know the XR650L is the street ready one, but it doesn't have that motocross look like the 650R that i'm looking for. So what would i have to do if i just bought a stock 650R and went to the DMV/WSP to get it inspected or whatever to get it plated and registered in WA state? Thanks

Yeah that 650l sure looks better than a dualsported 650R. Go get the 650R.


that's the look i want the 02' ^ nice bike. But that 98 xr is to much like my 94 xr600...i want that new sleek moto look.... Thanks for the input

Get the VIN of the bike you want to buy, or one like it. Take it to your local auto licensing office. Don't expect the answer you want! Even if your Mom works for the DMV in the motorcycle license dept. WSP will give you the rubber stamp answer too.

Been there,done that. Sold what I had and bought dualsports. We need to work towards going back to the logical regs in place 1998-2000. Be active to that end, because current regs are ill. :D:D

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