TT AIS Removal Kit

I just wanted to pass on to anyone with a 05 WR450 my experience with the TT AIS removal kit.

After a little bit of studying, I tackled the job. Instructions were pretty good. The only difficult part was getting the metal plug into the port near the exhaust. I loosened up the radiator on the front brake lever side, squeezed a 8" long 1/2" socket wrench extention and used it to tap the plug in firmly.

The plastic plug that went into the top of the carb boot was a tight fit, but I was able to twist it into place with a pair of needle nose pliars in about 1 minute.

Total job time for me was probably about an hour, but I like to take my time.

The best news is that the exhaust popping during deceleration completely dissappeared!

:D to the TT AIS Removal kit!

Good info- but was there any performance increase?

Thanks for the info, now all I need is for it to get off back order since mines been on order for 2 weeks :D

Good info- but was there any performance increase?

Nothing noticable, but it helped to reduce weight (1-2lbs) and most importantly to me, the popping I was getting from the exhaust on deceleration stopped.

I do get that popping too. I guess I am getting used to it... :D

the lowedog kit or tt ais removal, imo is a must.

Should be on its way. I just got mine

dont bang the hell out of the plugs like i did. i used a screw driver to hammmer them in b/c i dont have jack for tools and it pitted out the plug.

Should be on its way. I just got mine

Just got the E-Mail saying it shipped! Can't wait to get rid of that popping, also got the JD kit and zip ty fuel screw, can't wait to get it all dialed in and ready to keep up with my buddies new 700R Raptor :D

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