Broken left side crancase cover.

I am installing a new leftside crankcase cover on my 03 650L, and want to find out how to remove and reinstall the bearing inside the sleeve where the clutch cable fits inside the cover. Any other relevant info about this process is greatly appreciated.


Come on... somebody has had too have had experianced/done this!

If it's anything like the XR650R with a clutch actuator arm going into the cases with a needle bearing, I believe that the bearing has to be pressed out and back in with a hydraulic press.

So this means that i have to take it to a machine/and or service dealership too do this?

Well, once again assuming it's like the XR650R, then you might. But I'm sure there's people on this forum that have their own methods for bearing removal when a shop press isn't available. Unfortunately I bought one of those cheap presses off of ebay, so I'm not one of them. :D

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