My yz400f needs your help!!!

I recently changed the water pump in my yz400f ..... 99 i got it all back toghether and it wont shift AT ALL? I shift down and the lever moves but wont click I rock it back and forth and it still dosent help. I up shift and it is solid, like it is in its highest gear. Could it have something to do with the clutch...since it is on the same side as the waterpump? Could it just be a coincidence? I was told that the detent for the clutch could have fallen out of place? if so what does it look like and how would i put it back? I have only had this bike two weeks and i know nothing about it. Does it baybe have to be running to come out of gear? could it be something stupid? Any help would be great !!! believe me i need it? Thank you all for any input you give!!

David D.

Yes It Has Everything To Do With The Clutch.same Thing Happened To My Have To Pull The Clutch Side Apart To Line The Leg Will See The Problem Once You Get It Shouldnt Take You Too Long To Repair It.

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