High Altitude Jetting for 520

I am planning on traveling from Texas to Colorado next week to do some trail riding outside of Colorado Springs. I currently have a KTM 520SX with stock jetting. I have already ordered a Pro Circuit muffler/spark arrestor as well as a skid plate. I am concerned about the jetting, especially in light of the discussions that I have read on this forum which indicate that the stock jetting is likely too rich at sea level. I believe that the altitudes that we will be at are between 5000-11000 ft. Any advice would be very appreciated, as I leave a week from today. Also, any final consensus on jetting for sea level for when I return would also be helpful. Thanks in advance.


I would drop the main to 165 lean the needle two clips and set the fuel screw at 1 turn out.This works very well for me.



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