What's a fair price?

Even though the 2002's are near, these are still hot bikes. I've heard most folks are paying retail or higher, just to get one! I think it really depends on your negotiation skills and what you are willing to pay.

Stormtrooper has it right.... these bikes are hot items right now. Very hard to find in some places. So the dealers are getting retail or better for the bikes when they come in -- you have to work hard, negotiate, and just know what you are ready to pay. Good luck.


That is a great price, we are paying $11,500 for those bikes in Australia!!!!

I need some help. I have'nt bought a bike for sometime. I want a 400mxc. There are a few of them around but the dealers want at or near retail (6898.00). It seems a bit high for a 2001 model year since the new bikes will be out in a couple of months.

What would be a fair price for a 2001 model 400mxc? I have no idea what type of margins cycle shops work on.

Any advice would be much appreciated. I am looking forward to becoming a Thumper rider.


I think I'd order mine from the Aussies! That's a great price considering the conversion rate! 11,500.00 AUD

Australia Dollars = 5,806.75 USD

United States Dollars

Gee I remember a few months ago when no one really cared about the price, it was just finding one! I know of folks that were paying deposits just to get on a waiting list!

And it isn't just dealers that are taking advantage of the high prices. I saw a couple of private parties advertising new bikes for $1000 over retail or offering to sell their place in waiting list.


aka Rich

1996 300 EXC

(dual sported)

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(Glamis chrome beast)

Thanks for all the advice. I am not looking to steal a bike I just want to pay the going rate. Negoatiating is not my strong suit. Especially when I want something. Maybe I will let my wife make the deal!

I still think retail for a year old model is asking a bit much.

Any body know what a dealer pays? I know there are some services that you can pay a fee and get the dealer pricing. Don't know how accurate they are.

Thanks again

You will be surprised to find out how little profit there is in a new KTM. 10% markup at full retail. My dealer showed me the invoice on my 400EXC to prove to me that he was making hardly anything. If the guy cant make $500-600 on a $7000 bike, it makes it pretty tough to keep the lights on! I think the 02s are going to be even harder to get than the 01s as my dealer has 12 deposits on 02 RFS and last year this time he had 5. He doubts he will even get all 12, probably 7 or 8 bikes.

Is there anything else you plan on adding to the bike? Handguards, skidplates, etc? Dealers have far more markup in aftermarket supplies than they do in the bikes. You can usually get them to add things at substantial discounts.

Here in SoCal I have only seen 1 400 EXC in the showroom. They were asking close to $500 over retail! Plus then you had all the extras like assembly, freight, etc that they wanted!!! So much for the idea of a motorcycle "mall" giving you the better deal.


aka Rich

1996 300 EXC

(dual sported)

1987 Suzuki LT250R

(Glamis chrome beast)

I have had my deposit down for about 2 months now. First deposit in Australia, so I am assured that I will get a bike. When I was working out a deal with the Dealer, I wanted them to chuck in a free helmet. No way! he said. Maybe on a DRZ or XR, but not on a KTM. Maybe because of the tight margins, or maybe they have no problem selling, so they don't need to package them.

I'm first on the list for a 2002 400EXC and 520EXC from Canada. Delivery date is estimated to be in September time frame.

The 520EXC is for sale and will be delivered to the San Francisco area. Price will be around the US MSRP. Anyone interested?

Good luck with the dealer pricing! It's the old supply and demand deal here. Keep in mind that there is some flexability with the "out the door" cost. Setup, dealer add-ons, etc. Also, if you have it shipped you can avoid tax, but you pay shipping. You will also have to do some assembling, but not too much. Good luck and hope you are riding a new bike soon! :)

I am trying to understand the economics of being a KTM dealer. If a dealer makes only 700.00 per bike and gets 10 year that would be only 7000.00 income from KTM. I know there is service work and accessories but that is a tight margin. Are the Japanese bikes sold on that a tight margin?

I have a new respect for cycle dealers working on that margin. They must have to move a lot of bikes out the door.

You cannot survive on KTM alone if you are in the bike business. Most dealers have to sell 3-4 different brands to make a living. My local KTM dealer admits he made hardly any money on KTMS after expenses last season but he just likes to sell them so he has a nice bike to ride. If money became tight at his shop, KTM would be the first lineup to get dropped. Most Jap bike dealer are making $300-500 per MX bike sold at the most.


I also noticed people trying to sell used KTM's for right at the retail price. You can find a better deal. I just bought a 2001 400MXC for $5200, while a local dealer wanted $6500 for a used one. Just look around. I've also found some dealers that have some new 2001's discounted $400 to $500

off retail, so one would assume they are still making money at that price. Don't let someone take advantage of you! The new ones will be out in a couple of months and one would also assume that there will be more used ones hitting the market.


SteveW828,I saw a dealer ad on Spring Hill,Florida that had a new MXC400 priced for 6,499.Phone # is 352-596-8028.

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