US vs Canadian EXC's

Need some help. Looking for a 400 or 520 EXC and I am curious if there are any differences between US spec bikes and Canadian spec. Does anyone have the answer?

Your help is appreciated.

No differences between the US and Canadian bikes. I had a 2000 WR400 Yammy (Can spec)last year and there were signifigant differences though.

Thanks for the reply. Since I have a WR400 and knew there are differences between the US & Canadian spec bikes I wanted to know about the EXC's.

Think I'm going orange.

You wont regret it. I test rode a 400 EXC on a Sunday last summer and had one in my garage by the next Wed! Sounds like the RFS are on the boat to N.America real soon! My 01 400 EXC was built 07/2000 so I hope the 02s are the same. My dealer has promised me his first 02 400EXC.

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