Husqvarna te400

Anyone own one of these or ridden one? curious as to how it stacks up. Distributor is close by so I might take a look at one. Thanks,

the bikes are pretty good just a little heavy !! just wait for the 2002 model 400te 238 lb electric start w/kickstart backup(on the right side ) totally different bike should be a real screamer

Do you know of any websites with info on this machine? Besides the HUsqvarna homepage? Thanks

the best web sight for info is and i possibly might get some more info from a friend who is meeting with fred hoess who rides for husq.

bummer deal i was hoping to get some good info on the new TE400 but it looks like fred hoess is going to ride the new TE250

I bought my te400 about 5 months ago and I can only say good things about it. When I was think about going with the husky, alot of people said that i would be disappointed with the bike because is was heavy, didn't turn at all and the Dell'Orto carb sucked. For the single track that I ride in the southeast that is a bad thing but, I went with it anyway and I have never looked back. The bike turns good in the woods once you get use to it but, it is no MX bike. The carb is a little tricky but after you get it tuned in it works great. The bike is heavy when it is just setting, but once you are out on the trail it doesn't feel heavy at all and I am not a big person (155 pounds), and the susp. works great for me.

The 2002 are going to be very nice bikes, its going to be more like the jap. bike as far as airbox location, left side drive and right side kick but, it will still be long and not turn as great as other bikes. The e-sart will be nice but I have known Husb. owners that have the e-start and it only works some of the time (not to say that is true about all husb., just a example that e-starts still have problem like everthing else) . The weight thing is only a numbers game for all brands on bikes, my 2001 is listed at 244# (usa model). The dealers that I have talked to also said that it looks like it is not going to be a easy to work on, not to say that it will be hard, just not as easy as the last years engine design. All that being said, I still think that it would be a hard bike to turn down as long as you are not worried about buying a husky and the price on the bike is not bad either.


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