New Bike Differnt Brand?

I thinking about selling my 99wr400 and upgrading to an xr650r. This would be my first non Yammer ever and that's maybe 12 bikes I've owned, all yammers. I'm living in Tucson Az and we ride alot of fast roads, I love my 400 but sometimes it would be nice to have alittle more. Any feedback? Ideas? :D

i would stay away from the big xr. i would try a newer wr450 or a ktm 525

xr is a nice desert bike, bullet proof. my wr hangs with my brother in laws 650, till top end, i cant hold it open like he does. if they come up with a updated 650, i will probably jump over. but for now, its wr

The XR is a BEAST. Yeah, they've got top end. The only thing that I have against my WR450 is the gearing. It has the ponies to pull an overdrive 6th gear which is unfortunately not there...Also, once you've had a bike with electric start in the tight stuff; you will never want to go back to a kick only scooter.

yup, the button is why i didnt but the 650. it sucks after a long day of riding kicking, of after a nastry spill.

When is the XR going to get an E start cause. That to me would make it a no brainer.

My brother rides a XR650R, its a sweet bike, but no estart, the weight and the trails we ride have him wanting a WR or a KTM. If I were you I would either go with a new WR or a KTM 525. I just got the 525 and I was shocked at how much top end this bike has. 6th gear just goes. Faster than any dirtbike needs to go. My WR def had harder hitting power and I loved the low first gear, but the KTM can be a pretty good all around bike. A new WR 450 geared right could also get the job done just as well for you. Cya Stinson

The 650R is a monster Pig, no doubt about it! I'm 5ft 9 and 160lbs and I love my baby but she kills me on the trails :D I prefer my track bike, the CR125 for the tight stuff, lack of power and all.

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