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400/520 service intervals

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I'm having a hard time deciding if I should get a 400 or a 520 and one of the things to consider is of course the maintenance cost.

I've read that there are both a small and a large service kit (with various parts) for both the 400 and the 520 which should be changed every 30 or 60h.

I also read somewhere (can't remember where) that the interval was adjusted for the 01-models making the large service kit needed after 90h instead of 60, is this correct ?

I also remember that the large kit was about half as expensive for the 400 since the 520 included a new piston etc, is this still valid for the 01-models ? Are the prices still the same (almost $1000 for the large 520 kit in sweden...) ? Other things to consider in terms of maintenace costs ?

Many thanks in advance


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I have a 400 EXC and I have no clue what kit you are talking about. The RFS are getting a reputation as a very reliable thumper/race bike.

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I was waiting for someone to reply because I have a 520 and I don't know what the "kit" is either. Does one of the Dealers on this list know?

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Hi there,

I'm running a '01 EXC520 since 03/2001. There are about 2000km on the odometer; the only maintenance I did are:

*serveral oil changes

*checking valve clearance twice

And the bike got heavy load on a 7 day rally in Poland (with deep sand, forrests, swamp and river crossings).

My dealer told me, that NOBODY of his customers included a big repair kit yet.

The small package might be a good deal for clutch maintenance.

Here's the part list I just extracted from my dealers catalog:

400/520 small kit (seems to be identical):

*clutch kit (including steel plates)

*clutch cover gasket

*some other clutch parts (bearings or something)

price: DEM 199,--

---> so it's more a complete clutch repair kit

the big repair kit for the 400EXC:

*same as small kit

*complete gasket set

*bearings counterbalancer

*crankshaft bearings

*new camshaft chain and tightener

price: DEM499,--

the big repair kit for the 520EXC:

*same as the big 400EXC


*piston rod repair kit

price DEM 999,--

I hope I found the right tranalations from German -> English :)

prices are in DEM (actual exchange rate: DEM2,30=1US$)

Hope this helps ...


[This message has been edited by dirtbike (edited 07-16-2001).]

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Thanks for the info, so it seems like the service kits are the same for the 01-models.

Did your dealer specify any intervals for the servicve kits (ie have they changed for the 01-models or not) ? Also, does anyone know why the 520 needs a new piston when the 400 doesn't ? On the other hand, if noboby has ordered the large kit then maybe I don't need to bother...


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I see in my manual that the 520 has a forged piston while the 400 is cast. Forged pistons are usually fit a little bit looser - perhaps this increases wear and would cause for a change slightly earlier?

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