i think i was a little over due

little overdue for a repacking


ooooh....question: the tube that the fiberglass is wraped around was also wraped in steel wool.......whats with that?

little overdue for a repacking


Ya think so , How many hours on it and what make of pipe is it....... :D

I rewrapped mine with 4oz cloth type glass from surfboards, then wrap tight with stainless steel window screen .(1-2 wraps) Then take stainless steel wire to keep it all tied up tight .The non directional seems to get blown out faster. The con side is that it might not be as quite as original wrap but would be after a few hours . EH ?

i think it had like 7000 miles on that packing......but o well. i just used some 6 dollar packing from the honda shop....good enough.

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