Really close to buying an 05 WR450....

...I Have an 03 WR 250F now...want to upgrade. What do people like/dislike about the 05......I read in Dirtrider that evan with the insert drilled out, the bike is quiet and powerful....what have people found as far as noise/power comparison? I have been riding an 05 YZ 250F and an 05 CRF 450, I imagine the power would be somewhere in the middle. I am open to any info. Thanks in advance. :D

My advice is buy it NOW! I love mine. I have taken out the exhaust noodle and cut the grey wire and it has more power than I will ever use. I have too check the valves soon for the first time and I will re jet, finish the rest of the free mods, install the PMB insert, and yank the smog pump at that time. Once that is done from what I have read the bike will be a beast. My dislikes are the weight and the fact you have to yank all that crap off the bike to get it to run to it's potential. But, when you ride it you do not feel the weight and I like to tinker with things. Buy one you will not be disappointed. :D

Free modded and quiet. :D

Mine's a couple months old and I love it. Works great in the tight woods, rocks, mud and craggly hills where I ride.

Having to do free mods was no big deal but I guess having to work on a new bike to get it to come alive would be considered a downer for some. But it is now VERY powerful!

Study threads discussing free mods...tons of info.

Not a bad decision, since I got mine in November of 2004, I ridden mine so much I'm about ready to replace tires. The mods aren't so bad to do, my best friend and I did the carb in an hour and this was at night in December. The PMB insert is a must it's quite, my wife says it's quieter than my XR 600 with Supertrapp. :

hey, just buy one and ride it - you won't look back - I DIDN'T and i love it !!!!

Not so free modded and LOUD :D

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