Hurt me EXC

Motocrossed my EXC 520 recently, because it looked like fun :), I soon learned off the suspenion sortcomings, ouch! Any success stories on oil levels, weights, dampening settings for stock components that will help me survive the next double? I weigh 190lbs. when ready to ride.


'01 520EXC, '74 YZ520, '71 TS400, '86 XR250.

Dear Hurt, I think if you want to mx, tighten your clickers up more than you did. This will help most people, but if you insist on landing short on all the jumps, then more conditioning of your body will be in order for your particular riding style. Most people try to clear or land on the downside of the jumps when on an EXC on a MX track. This style lets them use the same suspension in the woods as on a mx track with just clicker adjustments. Notice I said "this style", when someone has "NO STYLE" on their 1987 model riding pants then

firmer valving and springs may be in order.


hi! Well, my '01 520 SX had the same problems....WAY soft suspention up front. I was told stock weight for the fork oil was 7.5. I put in 15 weight, at 5" from the top...and just recently added 25cc's more. I have my clickers 3 from stiff. Im 6', 160 lbs (un-geared)...but I hammer a front end. I always did on my mountain bike.

I am contemplating going 20wt, and getting another preload shim....but I am afraid I may just have to break down and get springs.

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Hmmm, clear or land on the downside of the jumps? What a concept! :) As for my riding pants, I'll have you know that I was sporting a brand new MSR outfit on this ride. Got my lastest edtion of DR mag. story on RFS boingers, sounds like another $500 gone.


'01 520EXC, '74 YZ520, '71 TS400, '86 XR250.

Originally posted by WFO Pete:

Motocrossed my EXC 520 recently, because it looked like fun :), I soon learned off the suspenion sortcomings, ouch! Any success stories on oil levels, weights, dampening settings for stock components that will help me survive the next double? I weigh 190lbs. when ready to ride.

Well hear is my recomendation so far - I'm not completely dialed in yet but this will

get you on track - PDS#3 rear spring is a minimum for your weight. As far as the forks

go add preload - the static sag on a stock

520 EXC is 60mm way to much. Start off by add

10mm of preload - that will only put you at

40mm of static but it will be a good starting point. Reduce the air gap this will

help you with bottoming.. or the last 2/3

of the stroke. Thicker oil will make the bike

harsher on the small stuff - not what I like

but maybe some do. This should get you going

in the right direction. Don't forget to play

with the fork height in the clamps to get the balance right. When I added 10mm of preload to the front I had to raise the forks 10mm in the clamps.

Good luck,



"01" KTM 520 EXC

Mesa, AZ

Hey Pete, I installed FAT-BOY JR. springs front and rear in order to hold up my large girth. fronts alone will upset the turning.

I lowered oil height to 150mm but am considering adding 5mm back. Due to improper dealer set-up because of a dealer trade, my front fender came loosein a mx. It hung a knobby and curled up. It is now 1 inch shorter due to pocket knife sculpting. The kick starter will come loose along with the sprocket bolts and sub-frame bolts. I am geared 13-50 and am considering 13-52..

My only complaint is this RFS kills my arms

like nothing else has. Possibly the bars are too wide or with too little sweep. I know it does not have to do with my weight to height ratio hahaha..

Hey Pete I have the 01 520 MXC I use for motocross and offroad. I also weight 190 and have found the following works for me.

Rear PDS3

Front .46 springs 7.5 oil set at 140.

Offroad compression on the forks, 12 out moto 9 out.

Rear 5 out and 2 on moto.

This setup handles both types of riding although if I were to moto more then I would do a revalve on both front and rear.


Thanks, I think your on track with your setup. Are your springs strate rate or progressive rate? I've gone as far as I can with the stock adjustments and different springs are going to be a must if I pursue the moto side of life. I'm tempted to revalve but I don't want to lose too much of that plush Enduro ride, here in Arkansas the roots and rocks in the woods can really chew on a rider in a short time. Going with springs as a first step is probably the best couse of action.

wrong topic sorry

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I have a 520 mxc that I off road and mx i wiegh 195 and have tried a lot of different set ups with the suspension I was running 10wt @130mm clickers 2 out .46's in front and 8.8 straight rate in the rear and this worked well for off-road but still sucked for mx so I bite the bullet and sent the suspension off the Endruo Eng for the full treatment, still haven't gotten it dailed in though...... What ever they do makes the suspension work TOTALLY different.... one or two CLicker changes make a big differance

Hey how are you guys setting pre-load on the forks.....

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