I scored !!!!!!!!1

I am a new member to the WR riders group. This is a big step up from my "obsessively browse the wr board" group.

A fellow TT'er sold his 05 WR450 to me at a fair and reasonable price. Check out the pic's that he took of them. I am sure many of you have seen his post. (Thanks Damon !)





Here are some of the things that are already done

Pro Taper bars.

Scotts stearing dampner.

Trailtech computer.

Works frame guards.

FMf Factory 4 system (Titanium).

AIS smog junk removed.

J/D Jet kit installed.

Zip-Ty fuel screw.

Zip-Ty radiator braces.

I also scored a quality bike lift.

I am not sure of what else if anything needs to be done to it, except to ride and enjoy it.

Since I have been primarily riding a "girls bike" (TTR225), I think I will spend some intimate time with the new lady in my life. During the test ride, I quickly realized that this bike is a bonafide fire breathing dragon. It scared a smile on my face.

I hope to see you guys out there on the trails or in the desert as I fully break the bike in and get more familiar with it.

Nice looking set up. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

I like those black Pro Tapers

Nice score. I read his post on fair selling price. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you get it for?

sweeet!!! go out and hammer it

Nice - That makes me want a new bike. Does anyone have one of these duelsported in Ca?


Stay tuned. I will be working on the plates for it. I wonder if the pipe and the smog removal mods will hurt my efforts to do this?

What kind of computer is that? I like the way it looks with the bars and all :D

So you are the lucky one... I've seen the first thread about that bike. As I mentioned, for the price asked, it was a no brainer for anyone interested in buying a recent WR450. Good shot dude. It'll be a heck of a change compared to your previous ride.

Recently, I've worked as a flag man at the local round of the Canadian Motocross Racing Club (CMRC) Nationals and I've heard many many different four strokes exhaust systems. I think the one installed on your bike is probably the loudest system available :D . If you stand behind the bike while it accelerates, each rev is like a punch in the chest and a simultaneous double swipe on the ears. What a sound but how loud! Depending on where you ride, you might want to sell it while it is in great shape and ride something more convenient to people around... As is, you're probably as loud as a friggin helicopter. :D I'm not talking about the header of course... that I would keep. I'm just not convinced this can is a good choice. The PC4 with quiet insert is great you know... :D

Just a thought.

I'm jealous (but happy for you) now get out and ride!

Yes, indeed......that's a great score..... :D:D


you are right about the loudness of the pipe. If I do anything, I may have to switch to something a little easier on the ears.

It is the respectful thing to do.

I am not sure if it is 96db. As a matter of fact, I don't know what 96db sounds like.

Any suggestions?

I'd go with an FMF Powercore 4 SA with the quiet insert. That ought to tame the noise a bit without effecting the power too noticably...SC

So you bought that beautiful bike? Awesome! :D Now get your :D out to Gorman and put some scratches on it!

Yeah... it looks a little too pretty. My daughters and her friends get excited because it looks so good and clean

However, my riding buddies are saying what you are saying, it needs to be scuffed up a bit.

I doubt that I will wash it much. I remember playing football in high school and feeling proud when my jersey got dirt and mud on it. Only those guys who never got in the game were clean.

Quote: If you ain't crashin', you aint ridin' !

(don't take that too literally guys, be safe out there.)

I will be "out there" this weekend. :D

Kendon 3 rail trailer still for sale. $2000 new. Used four or five times. Spare tire the whole nine yaerds. Spare tire was another $150.00. This is the best trailer on the market. Plated and registered.

$1,500 or best offer. 949-525-2843


you are right about the loudness of the pipe. If I do anything, I may have to switch to something a little easier on the ears.

It is the respectful thing to do.

I am not sure if it is 96db. As a matter of fact, I don't know what 96db sounds like.

Any suggestions?

Of course I'm right! (just jokin')

If you ask yourself if it is 96 db, I can confirm you 99.9% it's not. The YZF I've heard with that system two weeks ago were like 105db... I'd guess the stock YZF pipe is just under 100... 98 maybe so you can figure out a little bit what kind of noise range you're lookin for. By the way, the YZ stock pipe is cheap but ain't bad at all...if your budget starts to suffer...

On the other hand, tons of TTers on the WR4xx forum will tell you to buy the PC4 from FMF and use the quiet insert. The advantage is that you can remove the quiet insert easily (3 bolts) if you want... and put it back when necesssary... But there are other solutions... White Bros and Pro Circuit 496 are among the favorites on this forum.

I went to a shop today and the mechanic there slipped a quiet insert into the pipe.

While it did sound a little softer, it was still very loud. But keep in mind that my frame of reference is my totally stock ttr225 and my daughters crf100.

I will go out to Gorman tomorrow and hope that I am loud, but still legal.

For the future though, I see no practical purpose of being loud and I will begin my search for the highest performing, but quiet pipe out there.

My budget is not failing me yet. So lets hope I can make a smart purchase.

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