my xr 650 post was removed??? why

I was trying to see if there was any interest in parting out an xr 650r and my post was removed!! why, i'm confused here

check your PM--i think the protocol is to send a PM explaining why a mod deleted or froze or moved or whatever a post.

Maybe it was thought of as something for the 'for sale' section?

either way--can i still buy the frame! :D

I'd be interested in a spare engine :D


Don't know about the post, but PM was sent about engine, plastics, other odds and ends.

I would like the wheels for an XR race team we have here in San Diego. Steny

sorry guys I was dragging my feet and the bike sold ! I 'll stay on the lookout for another one to hack up. I'm eyeballing one now and i'll try to talk the guy down on the price.

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